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ESTATE TAX OVERVIEW -- Emphasis on Generation Skipping Transfers. Speaker: Michael Behan, Attorney 2015-04-24
Best Practices for Retirement Income Planning" -- Speaker: Wade Pfau, PhD., CFA 2018-02-09
"Leveraging Wealth Transfer: From Simple to Sublime" Speaker: Joseph Falanga, CPA, AEP, TEP - New Y 2017-10-02
Understanding Social Security to Better Assist Your Clients: Speaker: Dale Truemner, Social Securit 2016-04-30
"Passing Ships......" Speaker: Shaheen I. Imami -- 2/25/216 2016-02-29
Elder Care: Current Marketplace, Trends & Future Demogoraphics 2016-02-04
"Discounts, Discounts, Discounts!" Speaker: Lance Hall, ASA, FMV Opinions, Dallas, Texas 2016-01-08
Attachment #1 to Discounts, Discounts, Discounts!" 2016-01-08
Attachment #2 to "Discounts, Discounts, Discounts!" 2016-01-08
"Estate Planning in the Era of Portability & High Exclusion Amounts." Speaker: Douglas Mielock 2016-01-08
Long Term Care Planning. Speaker: Ashlee Gould, Nationwide 2015-04-24
Alternative Estate Planning Strategies Utilizing Life Insurance. Speaker: Jim Aubry, John Hancock Br 2015-04-24
Affordable Care Act--Understanding Employer Responsibility Rules. Speaker: Norbert Kugele, Warner No 2015-04-24
Membership Application Form 2015-09-18
Social Media in the Marketing Mix. Speaker: Kristina Marsh, Marketing Flexibility 2015-04-24