Thursday, May 25, 2023



The Annual Meeting and Luncheon will be held on Thursday, May 25, 2023, at the H Hotel in downtown Midland, Michigan.  A brief business meeting will be called to order.  The propsed new Board of Directors members will be presented to the general membership for approval, a final Treasurer's Report will be presented, and the outgoing President, Angela Lund, will be recognized for her years of service to the NMEPC.


In lieu of a formal program, a local comedian, Melissa Hager, will present a program designed to entertain the members.  She will describe herself as a "simple farm girl" from Frankenmuth, Michigan, and relate stories that will be familiar to members.  While she only began stand-up comedy seven years ago, she has risen in the ranks of the comedy community.  She has a popular YouTube channel and thousands of followers on TikTok.  She also produces, promotes and performs at The Comedy Series, which she founded in 2016, and has become a fan favorite in Michigan.

Attendance at this meeting will be limited to no more than 50.  Members who wish to attend are encouraged to send an RSVP early to ensure a place will be reserved for them.


Thursday, April 27 2023

Our speaker for the April 27, 2023, meeting was Brittany Kienker, Ph.D., owner of Kienker Consulting LLC, and the Knowledge Insights Expert in Residence at the Countil of Michigan Foundations.  She program was titled, "Options for Financial Giving: Exploring Philanthropic Vehicles for Families and Individuals."

She spoke on the three core vehicles that individuals and families might consider in making financial contributions to further their philanthropic goals: direct contributions, donor advised funds (DAFs) and starting a private foundation.  She shared the link to resources that the Council of Michigan Foundations provides which desribe in detail those charitable giving concepts.


The NMEPC is currently comprised of about 100 members from five disciplines: CPAs, Attorneys, Financial Services Professionals, Trust Officers, and Development Officers of non-profit organizations.  Annual dues are $150, which includes the program materials and a buffet luncheon.

A junior membership has been established for those who do not qualify for full membership but are studying for or working toward a designation, certification or qualification in one of the five disciplines.  Annual dues are $75.  A junior member must be employed by and/or actively involved in one of those fields in the State of Michigan.  A junior membership may be renewed for a maximum of three years, with the expectation that, at or before othat time, the junior member would meet the qualifications for full membership.



The NMEPC meets on the last Thursday of September, October, January, February, April and May.  Meetings are held in person at the Great Hall in Midland and at Isabella Bank in Mt. Pleasant.  Joining by Zoom is an option, except for the annual meeting in May, which is generally held at a different venue.  Lunch is served at 12:00 noon, with the program beginning at 12:30 and concluding at 1:30 p.m.



♦  To effect and promote the coordination of professional services necessary for proper estate planning including charitable giving.

♦  To improve the understanding, knowledge and skill of the member professional groups in their efforts on behalf of their clients and in appreciation of each specialized service. 

♦  To raise the standards of cooperation between the professional groups for more effective application and employment of professional services in behalf of public interest.

♦  To promote and encourage the appropriate use of the professional services available from the different groups coomprising the membership of this Council.     


If you would like to join the Council, please click here for an application form or contact us at admin@nmepc.org.  Our mailing address is: NMEPCP.O. Box 347, Freeland, MI 48623. For an application for a Junior Membership, please click here.

If you have any questions, please contact us at admin@nmepc.org.